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Reliable one-stop of supplier of European spare parts, accessories and components for the Power and HVAC industries

We have been successfully supplying substation accessories; electrical and mechanical components for projects in the power sector for Low, Medium and High Voltage for projects in The UK, Europe and Middle East.

Sheer Industrial Solutions is well-connected with all major European Manufacturers/suppliers for many of the required components which allows us to act as a one-stop supplier for project contractors, eliminating the need for them to liaise with multiple suppliers, thereby reducing touch points and enabling them to save time as well as increase efficiency.

We also do our best to consolidate and optimize shipments for European components, thus avoiding multiple costly air freights and leading to considerable cost savings for the buyer. Where necessary, we also provide engineering work through our partner companies. We introduce ourselves to your organization and request you to consider our company as a potential vendor for your projects.
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We are distributors of HVR Pentagon and MuFront products.

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